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Entertainment Industry Services

Born, raised, and working in LA for over 50 years, Comprehensive Wealth Management advisors know the entertainment business. Our friends, clients, and colleagues are in the industry, and this has given us unique insights that can be helpful to your financial security. Whether you are an artist, executive, producer, director, or trade, you have worked hard to get where you are, and our goal is to help you preserve and grow your lifestyle.

Retirement Plan Coordination

Our proximity to the Hollywood and Burbank studios has created the opportunity to help many artists and industry executives. Coordination among AFTRA, SAG, DGA, WGA, IRAs, individual pension plans and other retirement plans is important to managing lifestyle savings and benefits.


Client confidentiality and privacy are paramount. We safeguard client information and work with your other advisors to develop strategies to protect your privacy as well. Because of the press, financial privacy is even more important for entertainers than most other clients.


Team work is the key to helping clients enjoy the lifestyle they have earned. In every relationship the client’s advisors must work together to free the client from daily management issues. Whether we are your primary advisor or just part of your team, we’ll work to give you the freedom to pursue your creative and business interests. Typically, we will coordinate our planning and services with your agent, publicist, attorney, accountant, and/or business manager.

Legacy Planning

Preserving wealth and passing it on to the next generation is very important to our clients. Many of our clients want to their children to have the financial resources to pursue industry related projects as producers, directors, actors, or singers.

Whether a child’s strengths lie on the creative side or the business side of entertainment, many performers want to help their children enjoy success in the industry. If your child’s strengths are on the business side they may want to pursue projects as a producer, publicist, agent, or business manager. If your child’s strengths are on the creative side they may want to pursue projects as an actor, singer, designer, radio personality, or director. Additionally, helping children follow their own dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, teacher, scientist, or business owner may be the right path to take.

Providing seed money and other capital to help your children follow their dreams while also limiting their access to “too much money” can be the perfect solution to helping children develop into healthy, productive members of the community. Contact us to help facilitate your planning.