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Comprehensive Wealth Management Robert Farmer




Retirement Planning
Private & Professional Fiduciary Investment Services

Today’s solid retirement planning results in tomorrow’s solid lifestyle income. Planning for the future requires a blend of individual and corporate savings. For those who are reaching Social Security age, a smooth blend of all three is essential to efficient planning. We help our clients develop this strategy of saving efficiently.

We have been managing conservatorship, guardianship, Special Needs Trust and other fiduciary assets since 1994. We focus on keeping Private Professional Fiduciaries and caring family members within their fiduciary responsibilities to follow a diversified, prudent investment plan with their client’s assets. We design, implement and manage investment portfolios consistent with a client’s age, need for income, need for growth, health and other factors unique to each client.

Tax Strategies
Investment Management and Wealth Building

Tax-advantaged investing and planning can help reduce your tax liability and put more of your money to work for you.


Through LPL Financial, Comprehensive Wealth Management provides fee-based asset management using individual securities, mutual funds, alternative investments and/or a combination of these and other investments. Many tax-efficient and socially-responsible investments are available.

Entertainment Industry Services

Our proximity to the Hollywood and Burbank studios has created the opportunity to serve many artists and industry executives. Coordination among AFTRA, SAG, DGA, WGA, IRAs, individual pension plans and other retirement plans is important to managing retirement savings and benefits.